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About Us - Udyat
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Welcome to Udyat : Illuminating Pathways
with more than 50 Years of Brilliance

Growing With Purpose

Udyat, formerly recognized as East India Udyog Ltd, now embodies the resplendent moniker of a ‘Rising Star.’ With a distinguished legacy spanning more than half a century, Udyat’s voyage has been steeped in the ethos of equitably nurturing both commercial expansion and the collective welfare. From its inception, the company has steadfastly upheld the conviction that the yardsticks of a nation’s advancement lie within the contours of public amenities and infrastructural excellence. With 54 plus years of strong domain experience and  unswerving commitment to enhancing these pivotal facets within the Indian landscape, Udyat’s endeavors have borne testament to the transformation of countless lives. This gratifying impact fuels the flame of dedication among Udyat’s 300+ employees, emboldening the enterprise to persistently champion its humanitarian mission. By meticulously curating intricate ecosystems comprising specialized service purveyors, pioneers of innovation, and stalwarts of expertise, Udyat’s trajectory unfolds as an expansive tapestry of unity. Emerging as an amalgamation of visionary entities sharing congruous principles, Udyat orchestrates comprehensive and harmonized stewardship over public utilities and infrastructural domains. Notably, this orchestration caters to the expanse of smart urban enclaves, expansive real-estate domains, and the esteemed custodians of governance.

Udyat at a Glance

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Years Strong Domain Experience

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Employee across Udyat Group

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Strategic Business Alliances

Udyat Core Values

Udyat’s core values are centered around its commitment to delivering real progress with a focus on the greater good.



Udyat’s progress firmly believes in the power of a long-term perspective, educating their clients about the positive impact on society when individuals and processes embrace a Solution Focused mindset for growth and development.


Udyat’s purpose centers on utilizing business growth as a catalyst for creating positive change, fostering authentic progress, and promoting social responsibility.


Udyat is committed to building a future that is economically viable, socially aware, technologically advanced, and environmentally sustainable for all.

Join us in the rising journey of Udyat, where brilliance is nurtured, possibilities are illuminated, and the future is rewritten.  


We are deeply committed towards the next level societal growth


Futuristic solutions for a
better world


A leading solution provider in the emerging infrastructure landscape through smart technology edge