Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions

Smart Technologies

  • Solid waste management system
  • Smart Traffic & ATCC
  • Smart Surveillance and Video Analytics
  • Smart Health Care
  • Smart Water
  • Smart Farming
  • Smart Pole

Committed to meet our Business Partners’ needs across India and the globe in the fastest and most cost-effective manner, we have forayed into the Smart Technology solutions segment and have made several strategic tie ups to build the entire ecosystem serving Smart cities and new edge solutions. We have Key Partnerships for implementing these solutions supported by our specialized R&D Teams, an adept Project Implementation team and strong financial foundation in place to perform and complement the task of partner OEMs.

Smart Solid waste management
Our offering includes fleet management, asset management, attendance management, monitoring of level sensor bins and monitoring of door-to-door collection spread across a city under Smart city initiatives.

Smart Traffic & ATCC
Design, Configuration, management, Implementation and support services are rendered for Red-Light Violation, Speed violation detection system, E-Challan, Video management system including Video analytics, Adaptive Traffic Control System capable of adapting to real time traffic movements and optimizing the traffic movement by dynamically changing the green split timings.  

Smart Surveillance and Analytics
Deploy IP based CCTV system that transmits live feeds 24×7 to control center. Cameras would enable event-based monitoring, rule-based alerts and warning, monitoring is done to prevent crime, nab criminals and help in forensics.

Smart Health Care
Our Smart Health care segment offering intends to connect, deploy, manage and maintain the health care ecosystem. It uses IoT in patient wearables, medical devices and instruments, patient beds to collect, store and analyse, prescribe, do prognosis by using real time data of patients and hospital assets/inventories, that are captured and send by the medical devices kept at home, hospital or wearables or health trackers.

Smart Water 
Smart water solutions implemented would provide potable and sufficient water to all parts of the country, by eliminating wastage via leaks, overflow, underflow etc. The end-to-end hardware and software system deployed generates logs to indicate faults and trigger rectification.

Smart Farming
We  appreciate the importance of introduction and use of IoT in farming bringing incorporation of Sensors and are very active in formulating the ecosystem for Smart farming. By using different types of sensors such as Soil sensors, Environmental sensors combined with the usage of AI, ML Technologies clubbed with high-speed internet and access to mobile applications brings real time actionable data with recommendations to farmers. 

Smart Poles
We offer Modular Smart Poles, apart from adding aesthetic appeal to the city infra would also serve by providing free or paid internet services to public, CCTV surveillance ensuring safety and security in public spaces, Public Announcement system and Distress/Emergency Button, Digital display for Advertising /announcement, Environmental sensors, EV charging module to name a few. All of the submodules of a Smart pole can be connected to the city’s central command centre for better support, monitoring and coordination across the city.

Cloud & IT  Infrastructure Services

  • Cloud Services
  • Database management
  • Managed Services
  • Data Centres
  • Collaboration
  • Network
  • Security

Cloud Services
Multitude of cloud related services are offered by us as we leverage our expertise in consultation, deployment, management, migration of cloud Infra as well as applications   in SaaS, IaaS, PaaS models.  We offer cloud Infra design, cloud network design like VPC, VPN, ACL, and security group; Host migration design, Database design, Storage design and more.
Under Migration services we offer: -Cloud Migration of legacy application; Cloud deployment of new applications
As a process we would follow detailed requirements gathering vis-a-vis business needs of a company, perform feasibility survey, followed by analysis and finally provide suggestions wrt various software, Tools, cloud-based applications that would be required to design the Cloud based Infrastructure and execution wrt all models as stated above.
We offer to build high performance cloud Infra to offer flexibility, efficiency, scalability enabling companies to reduce their TCO, lessen the time to market for new products and solutions.

Database management
Complete solution, services and 24×7 support for your database is provided by our Team of DBA experts (database Administrators) who would help your organization to synchronize and pace up the business operations by offering design and maintenance of   high-performance databases. We offer services like DB monitoring, integration with 3rd Party applications or DB s, maintenance, optimization, upgrade of databases.  Our database consultants check on the organization’s database requirements so that a suitable solution can be designed using latest DB practices. We strive to help you solve your complex business scenarios by implementing latest database practices. One would be able to monitor and drive the database as if it is placed on-prem, however it would be managed by our DBA experts round the clock.

Managed Services
Under managed services banner, Udyat has a specialized Team to help your organization with the following: –
Colocation: -Collocate your Network Hardware, Storage, Server Hardware in   Data centres managed by Us and manage and monitor it remotely through Software suits provided by us.
Business continuity: – We would plan, configure, Deploy, Manage & Monitor the Disaster recovery activity for your organization.
Migration services: – We offer online, offline host, database, Storage, Platform, Email migration services and more.
Application performance monitoring services: – We would deploy and manage software and Tools that would perform in-depth monitoring, provide a customized and interactive dashboard, to help you analyse health, availability and performance of applications at a glance and gauge the bottlenecks, if any.


 Data Centres
We provide a complete gamut of services from consulting to implementation, optimization, managed, training and technical services for Data centres . We have expertise in planning, constructing, managing a Tier 3 Compliant (Green)Data centre facility with complete infrastructure and providing 24×7 O&M support. We cover Network Services, SOC, data storage devices, NMS, UPS, Power backs ups, Power Racks etc in various configurations: – ranging from N+1 to N+N. Our Data centre facilities will be well equipped with advanced and automated Fire Protection measures.

Disaster Recovery as a service: – Any mission critical data lost is a huge loss to the Organization. Once the data is lost Important is how quickly and how completely the same can be recovered so as to keep the losses to a minimum. We offer you disaster recovery in a jiffy and with very low-cost resiliency, high scalability and availability. We provide 24×7 support for your organization’s DR environment with recovery plan, hardware, software, process flow so that protection of data is ensured.

We offer consultation and services to enable you to keep your organization interconnected, by effective team collaboration using unified communication platforms (voice, video, data), contact centre solutions, video conferencing solutions that would in turn offer your employees seamless remote work.

We design Virtual meetings set up that are equipped with high-quality video, collaboration endpoint devices like Phones, Headsets, Room devices like connected whiteboards, and AI Softwares to further augment the experience. Consultation, design guidance and implementation can be provided for usage of various tools like Teams and other cloud-based collaboration Softwares.

The digital meeting rooms designed by us would effectively bring all your employees working in different time zones under one connected virtual zone to take critical business decisions via using Team Collaboration services.

Contact Centres: -Various cloud based Contact centre solutions can be designed and deployed by our experts that would seamlessly merge with your organization’s business needs.

We offer Network Design and Implementation and Network modernisation Service. We are with you to Plan, Design, install equipment, upgrade, implement, integrate and expand the network infrastructure of your organization which would work efficiently, smoothly and we achieve this in an optimized cost. Service covers Wide Area Network (WAN), campus network, Software-Defined Networking (SDN), NFV, mobile networking, Transmission network, core networks, access and Last mile — and more.

We offer thoroughly tested products, solutions and quick deployments and secure environments with  O&M. We do all required configurations, provisioning and provide 24×7 monitoring and support for hardware as well as software, taking care that in the process requisite level of support, guidance and insights converges to meet your needs.

We offer SOC services in an endeavour to prevent, detect, investigate, analyse, and respond to cybersecurity incidents round the clock for your organization. All the services offered within SOC are subscription-based i.e., OPEX model. We offer the following: – Security Monitoring 24×7; Correlation and Analytics of data; User and End point protection including email security; User Entity Behaviour Analytics, Usage of AI, ML in Threat Hunting and detection and elimination. Zero trust approach for Security is strictly adhered to in rendering SOC services.

Advanced & Emerging Technologies

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • IoT/IIoT/IoMT
  • Digital Transformation 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning
AI and ML has gained extensive use in integrated command centre platforms of various Smart cities and safe cities deployed in India.

AI is a system of solving complex problems and taking actions without human intervention. Machine learning (ML) is the ability to “statistically learn” from data without explicit programming. Deep learning (DL) is the use of deep neural networks to learn and make decisions with complex data.

Our team has the expertise to leverage various tools that use AI, ML based algorithms that can be used to set up automated Standard operating Procedures to be executed in Smart City/ICCC platform or any Industrial Command centre Platform as well .AI and ML Platforms can be designed and configured to drive the operation automation, better insights. Using ML and learning from various outcomes we can fix fail safe procedures in case of emergency like Fire, Gas leak, Flood or natural calamities. Analytic tools can churn out specific and accurate information on how to monetize the data and information in a Smart City. Apart from above we are also building partnerships and internal competency to utilize Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality in various domains and applications.

We provide expertise and  services to design, calibrate, integrate various sensors viz. temperature, Humidity, Acceleration, Speed, Red light violation, Air Pollution Indicators, Light Intensity, Water level, flow, pressure etc that would  via  a suitable  network (4G/LTE/5G/LoRA/Zigbee/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Cat M) carry requisite  information and would be integrated in a IoT gateway offering edge analytics or a IoT Platform as per the requisite application and provide customized view and dashboards to end user. These would not only be used in Smart cities, safe cities but also in Industrial command and control centres finding use in Asset monitoring, Inventory management etc and last but not the least finely calibrated sensors can be used for Medical applications as well, enabling Telemedicine and Smart Health. We have strategic partnership that enables us to take up such Projects in IoMT domain as well.

Digital Transformation
Apart from the above we also support consultation and Implementation of Digital Transformation Projects. We have the following to Offer: -Ideation, Dashboard: UI/UX design, Application development, Web portal or Mobile portal development with customization, AI, ML, Block chain Models, Modernisation of legacy applications, End to end Process consulting and more.

E-Governance Solutions

The Digital India program has initiated a digital revolution in the country. Udyat Smart Solutions aims to support the Government in its vision to build and sustain a Digital India.

Udyat Smart Solutions turnkey solutions, combined with delivery excellence and proven global best practices allow government organisations to expedite the process of ensuring that the benefits of government programs reach the common man.


Strategic Partner

Our Strategic Business Partner, SoftTech Engineers Ltd. empower’s business transformation through software products and solutions that are built on deep domain expertise. Over the years, SoftTech has leveraged a leading construction management software industry in India and practices in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) domains to create value for businesses.

SoftTech Engineers Limited has developed innovative software and intellectual property in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) domains and are the creators of one of the most preferred Automated CAD-based building plan scrutiny and approval process – AutoDCR® which has been used by over 500+ Municipal Corporations across the country, besides a few international clients spread across GCC and North & west Africa.


  •         Reads CAD drawings and produces scrutiny reports in a few minutes.
  •         Maps all development control rules of the Authority to the drawing entities.
  •         Automates the cumbersome manual process of checking the development regulations.
  •         Reduces paperwork and saves time for architects and the authorities.
  •         Offers single window for acquiring building permits, NOCs and clearances from multiple agencies.
  •         Enables e-governance by maintaining digitized versions of documents.
  •         Standardizes the building drawing plan process.

PWIMS™ Public Works Information Management System is a web-based commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) application for managing all the core functional processes across the project lifecycle including budgeting, cost estimations, financial & technical approvals, e-tendering, contract management, project monitoring and contractor billing, etc.


PWIMS® advantages:

Improved productivity

  •         Alignment of roles to workflows and processes.
  •         Shifting emphasis from tasks to outcomes.
  •         Integrating all functions across the organization.

Effective usage of limited resources

  •         Automating standard processes significantly reduces paper-based manual work.
  •         Generating and tracking documentation throughout the life cycle.
  •         Leveraging a single source of data.


Increased visibility and intelligence

  •         Consolidating information from various points in the work procurement cycle.
  •         Providing both operational business intelligence and management insights.


Improved compliance and accountability

  •         Automating approvals by designated authorities and maintaining an audit trail of all changes.
  •         Enforcing standardization through templates and promoting best practices.


Technology strength: