Elevating excellence through
Visionary Leadership

Elevating excellence through
Visionary Leadership

Here’s to all the Visionaries and Trailblazers! It is with boundless excitement and an unwavering sense of purpose that I stand before you as the Managing Director of Udyat, the ‘Rising Star.’ Our journey, fueled by an unyielding vision, is nothing short of remarkable. We don’t just dream; we soar through the realms of possibilities, carving a path illuminated by success stories that we proudly call our mission. As Udyat, we are not merely a company; we are the embodiment of a grand aspiration. Our vision reaches far beyond the horizon, stretching its arms to embrace the future landscape with a perspective that’s broader, bolder, and brimming with innovation. We are the architects of smarter solutions, the champions of sustainability, and the guardians of user-centricity in the realm of public utility services.

Mohit Saraogi

Whole -Time Director

Dr. P Kumar

Sr. Executive Director

Chandramohan R

Sr. Vice President- Water Project

Vijay Agarwal

V.P. – International Business

Dinesh Bansal

Group Head – Audit & Corporate Strategy

Sunit Kumar

Group Head – IT & SAP

Jitendra Sharma

GM – Accounts