Life at Udyat

Life At Udyat

Learning and Organization Development

At Udyat, we believe that learning is the most important intervention to help an organization to evolve and develop organizational capability to respond to changes.  Thus, we strive to create a strong team of leaders by nurturing, empowering and enabling our internal talent. This makes our Learning and OD practices, of paramount importance, focusing on providing a customized learning experience and taking responsibility for each employee for all round development.

We groom our employees through various initiatives like

  • Classroom learning
  • Leadership development programs
  • Virtual learning
  • E-Learning Resources for self-paced learning
  • On the job training
  • Professional etiquettes and grooming

We also believe that creating a learning environment is not only the responsibility of L&D team or the leaders, but each individual is equally responsible to his/her knowledge development & growth. We encourage all to self-nominate for various development programs, give them exposure to broaden their horizon through job rotation, potential assessment, 360-degree feedback, assessment and development centers and help them prepare for current and future roles.

At Udyat, we take keen interest in the development of our employees, for we believe that the growth of our people is imperative for the growth of the organization.

Bonding beyond boundaries

While good learning environment fuels individual growth leading to an overall organizational development, creating a culture to connect and create a strong bond among leaders and also among employees; creates trust among Udyat family members. Thereby leading to a strong body of dedicated and motivated workforce which will be an asset to deal with any situation.

We celebrate small success, provide a culture of appreciation and recognition, involve all individuals to participate in Puja where our management is always supported.

Platforms like, “Leaders Café” and “Café Ms. Corporate” provides a platform to meet informally within the office premises and share few lighter moments at work & beyond.