Our Expertise

Design and Innovation

Our motto is simple: We don’t sell, we solve. We are constantly looking for insights and feedback to make our product and services better. Being a customer centric company, we empathise with the needs, desires, drives and problems of our stakeholders and co create solutions.

The Udyat culture believes in failing fast to succeed faster. It allows and celebrates failure as a step to learn and improve. Our democratic ethos allows anyone in the organisation to voice their ideas or challenge others, with a justified logic.

Problem Solving

Udyat strongly believes that quality sets the image of the organization, while innovation is a precursor to its growth.

To keep up with innovation and retain our edge, we deploy a yearly budget for research and development and have employed a team with an extraordinary acumen for it. This practice has helped us procure an unmatched ability to offer better products to its customers year after year.

Since we are also environmentally conscious and believe in sustainable solutions, we are constantly driving innovation in our industry. We aim to optimize supply chain processes, reduce the total cost of ownership for our customers and help them achieve sustainable and profitable growth.

Service Aggregator / Co-Creator

At Udyat we believe in the power of empowered ecosystem. We understand that complete self-reliance is an over exaggerated myth that restricts innovation, holistic solution, growth and agility. We respect the independent and complementary expertise that each one of our ecosystem partners and stakeholders bring to the table. We seek opportunities to co create solutions with them.

Quality Standards

Udyat is continuously striving to upgrade its quality standards with state of the art technologies, professional development and training sessions. We also upgrade our facilities constantly.

Our Quality Assurance program is designed to cover all aspects of design, procurement, incoming material inspection, inventorying of components, in-process inspection, product testing, packaging, dispatch, and after-sales service.


Our testing facility has been accredited under ISO 17025:2005 by NABL