Udyat (formerly known as East India Udyog Ltd)which means rising star, is a company with over 50 years of experience. From the beginning of our journey, we have believed in giving equal weight to business growth and the greater good. For us, the standard of public utilities and infrastructure are the most important benchmarks of a nation’s growth, and we have consistently strived to improve these sectors in India. We are humbled to see how our work and social initiatives have positively impacted the lives of millions this gives us the courage and motivation to continue our mission of serving humanity, everyday. We achieve this by creating robust ecosystems that consist of specialized service providers, innovators, and domain experts.;...We are growing as a consortium of companies and individuals with shared vision and values. We provide comprehensive and integrated managed public utility and infrastructure services for smart cities, large real-estate developments and governments.

Our Vision

We envision making public utility services smarter, more efficient, sustainable, and delightful for the end-user through a managed ecosystem of ever-evolving innovation

Our Mission

  • To make public utility services smarter, more efficient, and sustainable.
  • To provide innovative & holistic public utility products/services to the government & private sectors.
  • To add value and enhance the lives of people around the globe.
  • To continuously increase the bottom-line of the company and its partners
  • To create a happy working environment, provide equal employment opportunities, and more learning & job opportunities for fresh graduates.

Our Commitment

To solve a problem, not just sell a solution.

By better understanding the client’s requirements and desires, we solve long term problems. We believe in a long term approach, involving educating the client about better possibilities for their growth.

Building a partnership of trust.

Honesty, transparency, fairness and simplicity mark all our communication and transactions.

To deliver what is promised

With no compromises.

To be Sustainable

This means economically viable, socially mindful, technologically
feasible and environmentally sustainable.

Our Values

  • Radically Transformative
  • Deeply Collaborative
  • Highly Effective
  • Fearlessly Ambitious