Water and Sanitation

Access to clean drinking water remains both the fundamental right of every human being and one of the biggest global challenges is poor water infrastructure and improper sewage disposal contribute to this problem..

With over two billion people being devoid of clean drinking water, quality water, an efficient water supply, drainage, and waste-water management systems remain a massive challenge.

Udyat aims to promote all-around sustainable water management by providing services in urban clean water supply, pumping stations, pipelines, and eco-friendly water treatments. We also develop systems to treat wastewater: an important and complex task as natural resources continue to deplete and demand rises.

Our Focus Area

24×7 Clean Water Supply In Urban, Rural  and Industrial Application

  • Distribution of clean water in cities that helps ULBs and Municipalities serve residents better
  • Metering backed by technology like AMR meters, which enable ULBs and municipalities with accurate billing, optimize network, and data analytics
  • Efficient water network management by identification of leaks, illegal water drawing, and metering losses
  • Automated billing, collection system, and customer complaint management, which leads to customer satisfaction.

High Capacity Water Treatment Plants for Urban use and Industries

  • Capable of handling multiple sources of raw water like lakes, streams, rivers, canals and groundwater
  • Process water using state of art technologies like membrane/ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, and heavy metal removal, depending upon the end-use like potable or non-potable or industrial use
  • Services ranging from design and conceptualisation, execution to operation, and management

Energy-efficient Pumping & Pipelines

  • A wide array of pump technologies befitting various end-use such a water supply, irrigation and wastewater
  • Operations automation reducing maloperation, improving service life and system with ease of maintenance
  •  Multiple types of high capacity pump like submersible, horizontal, vertical, sludge, and sewage pumps based on project needs

Ecofriendly – Sewage treatment plant with complete sewerage network

  • Wastewater treatment of municipal and industrial effluent using eco-friendly technologies
  • Latest technologies like IFAS, SBR, MBBR, etc
  • Retrofitting of existing plants to higher capacity, better response to load fluctuation, and ease of operation and maintenance

Drinking Water Supply Project at Anandapur:

“Improvement of Water Supply to provide safe & clean drinking water conforming to drink from tap quality to Anandapur ULB” on Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Contract Including Operation & Maintenance for a Period of Three Years.

Udyat has been awarded the scheme for the Execution of Improvement of Water Supply Project in Anandapur town, District Keonjhar. The overall project consists of ten packages out of which Udyat is executing Package-III. The focus of the Udyat is to improve service provision, customer satisfaction and sustainability. The project will benefit more than 8,600 households by setting up more than 12,000 house service connection which will ultimately provide the drinking water to the population of 40,000 of Anandapur Town.

The project scope involves the construction of 7.0 m Dia. of Intake Well, 12.5 MLD WTP and supply, laying of total pipeline length of more than 115 Kms and construction of GSRs and ESRs of total capacity of 3715 KL and to provide House Service Connection to everyone under drinking from tap or 24 X 7 Water Supply Scheme. The water is drawn from River Baitarani through pumping which will be transmitted to a Water Treatment Plant near Padmapur. The treated water from the WTP will be supplied to Aanandapur town. The site offices have been set-up in Anandapur, Odisha.